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The best new way to
learn piano online

Learning with Pianu is a lot like playing your favourite video game: fun and exciting. Earn trophies for every level completed, and level up to earn more.

Make your piano
dreams come true

We believe anyone can play the piano, and with our online lessons, we make learning piano fun, accessible, and affordable for all. Save money on hiring a private instructor and join our online musical movement today!

Play with Pianu!

Learning to play the Piano with Pianu is easy and fun!
  • Stay motivated with rewards
  • Earn trophies and unlock new levels as you learn
  • Receive immediate feedback

Instantly see which answers are correct and how you can improve next time. Get positive reinforcement from Pia the Maestro Pia encourages you to keep trying. Dress him up in your favourite outfit!

Go Pianu Pro

Unlock our full teaching lesson guides, unlimited song choices and meet Pia, our Pianu Maestro. Our Pro Plan offers an ad free experience, and gives you unlimited lives and access to our courses, lessons, and guided training.

Meet Pia!

Pia is Pianu’s Maestro, and is here to help you learn and cheer you on every step of the way! You can customize Pia’s outfits and accessories in our shop.

Our Song Library

Our song library contains songs you know and love. From pop hits to classical favourites you will learn to play Piano with all the best songs. Start playing Pianu now to learn your favorite tune.

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